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Quick Ship Polygon Scanners

Our quick ship polygon scanners are ready to go in short order. Choose between four, five, and six sided polygon scanners.  


Polygon Scanners, Customizable

Our polygon scanners high-performance, top of the line design is ready to be adapted to your optical needs. Browse our customization options to create your polygon scanner today. 



Monogon Scanners

Discover new imaging and scanning possibilities with Mirada’s Monogon Scanners.

Driver Electronics

Mirada has a range of driver electronics options, including ultra stable and phase lock drivers. Browse our selection to power your optical scanners with Mirada’s advanced technology, top-quality, high stability drivers. 

Looking for a custom product?

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Product Specification Questionnaire

Please fill out the following specifications in order to allow Mirada to recommend a standard product, or have a baseline of information from which to develop a custom polygon scanner. Please contact us with questions or further description of any parameters outlined here.

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Environmental Storage Temperatures [°C]: