About Mirada

Mirada is based in Austin, Texas, the center for technology and innovation in the Lone Star State.  Often known as the Silicon Hills, Mirada’s choice of Austin for its headquarters and manufacturing center prepares the company to scale with efficiency and ease.

Our Vision

A world where automotive accidents and fatalities are nearly unheard of, due to LiDAR enabled advanced driver safety systems and autonomy.

Our Mission

Make that vision a reality, by creating vision systems with the performance and price to become ubiquitous.

The Mirada Team

The executive team and advisory board at Mirada come from a wide range of disciplines and bring deep experience in the fields of optics, opto-mechanics, imaging, and LiDAR.

Early Backers of Our Venture

Highway 1
Hardware Incubator

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The National
Science Foundation

America’s Seed Fund

MIT Angels of Northern California

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Sand Hill Angels

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Berkeley Angel Network

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