Mirada’s technology offers solutions in a variety of markets


See farther, faster with our high aperture optical scanning technology.  Ideal for time-of-flight LiDAR, phase array LiDAR, or your new breakthrough LiDAR technology.


Mirada's technology powers LiDAR vision systems for leading automotive LiDAR makers. Our technology enables large aperture sensing to let your system see further down the road than your competitors, and enables you to scale up to meet the largest OEM's requirements.

Warehouse Automation

Enable your LiDAR driven warehouse automation solution move goods day or night, rain or shine with Mirada's optical scanning technology. No mater your requirements for cost, performance, or size, we have a solution for your factory, warehouse, port, or airport.


LiDAR enabled by Mirada's scanners will allow your security system sensor suite to deliver more, at the right price. The most compact, lightweight scanners on the market will allow you to stand out in the market, and keep your customers safe.

Optical Sorting

Our optical scanning systems can enable your optical sorting systems to deliver higher speeds, lighter weights, and lower deployment costs.  No mater what you need to scan and no mater what sensing modality and wavelength, we have you covered.


Mirada's scanners will enable you to delivery ore, gemstone, ferrous metals, and other solutions for the mining field faster, and with higher performance than incumbent solutions.


We can deliver scanners scaled to the size and speed of your agricultural sorting system needs. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, you name it, let us enable your new sorting solution or upgrade your existing product line .


Pick more aluminum out of ferrous recycling streams, or pick more ferrous materials out of your aluminum recycling streams. Either way, you can do it faster, cheaper, and more accurately with Mirada. Plastic sorters, glass or ceramics, contact us to learn how we can help.

Surface Treatment

We provide opitcal scanning systems for a range of applications in the surface treatment field.


Our customers in the medical fields have a range of requirements, and we are the fast and flexible scanner provider that enables rapid product development.

Welding, Cutting, Drilling

Our high-precision scanners can be scaled quickly and cheaply without sacrificing quality to meet any industry's laser welding, cutting, or drilling needs.


Our scanning technology is used in a range of safety applications, keeping your customers safe while they build and create.


We proved optical scanners allow your production robotic systems to operate safely, keeping wayward hands and legs out of the production space. Save time, save money, save lives and work safely.

Assembly Lines, Manufacturing

Build sensor systems that keep goods flowing through your factory and keep your workers safe. Contact us to learn more how you can build sensors and systems that see what problem is ahead for your manufacturing customers.