What is a Fluid Stabilized Scanner?

Mirada offers traditional air scanners as well as fluid scanners.  Our fluid stabilized scanners offer several unique advantages:

  • The fluid expands the scan angle, acting like an expansion lens.  This gives you up to 50% larger scan angle than any air scanner, or you can use this advantage to give you 50% more scan lines at the same scan angle.
  • The fluid puts the large rotating optic in neutral buoyancy, enabling breakthrough shock and vibration resistance.  You may have noticed how, when you walk into a swimming pool you feel lighter.  This is the effect of buoyancy, where the mass of the water you displace effectively reduces your weight.  When a scuba diver is properly weighted, they will neither float nor sink, and are immune from the effects of external forces, like gravity.  In the same way, our fluid scanners are neutrally buoyant in the fluid, and as such, immune from shock and vibration from the road.  This gives them breakthrough shock and reliability resistance, key to many applications for scanning solutions.
  • The fluid cools and lubricates the system, adding to our reliability.

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