Optical Scanners for Vision Systems

Flatness, field of view, reliability, scalability

Enabling the revolution in optical measurement systems

Mirada builds the critical components for advanced vision systems: LiDAR, Optical Sorting, Industrial Vision Systems, and many more applications.  Our flagship product is a breakthrough laser scanner that delivers ranging distance, field of view, reliability, and volume scalability.  We are in production production now, and can scale with you from prototype to serial production.  Contact us so we can help enable your next generation scanned optical solution.

High Performance

We deliver the flatness, speed, and reflectivity for to take your optical system to the next level.

Ready to Scale Up

Say goodbye to incumbent polygon optics manufacturing. Our technology scales from 10 to 10 million units with ease.

The Right Price

Optical scanner technology that will not break the bank as you scale up.


Mirada’s top of the line LiDAR scanners are easily customizable to your company’s needs. Browse our products page for more information and place your order today.   

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Technology: Automotive grade, shock and vibration proven components ready to scale to high volume.
  • Responsiveness: Stock products in weeks, Custom systems in about two months. 
  • Multi-line polygon scanners available in a similar time as single-line scanners.  Also, our technology scales multi-line scanners in high volume at similar prices as single-line.   See our product selector for more.

It is Spanish for “a look, gaze, or glance”. We enable sensor systems, such as LiDAR, that will look and gaze with unprecedented performance and scalability.


Please see our product page for in stock and quick ship product offerings.  For custom systems, please contact us and fill out our product request form found there.

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