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Enabling the revolution in autonomous driving

We develop the enabling components for advanced LiDAR

Mirada builds the critical components for advanced LiDAR: laser scanning and detector technology.  Our flagship product is a breakthrough laser scanner that delivers ranging distance, field of view, reliability, and volume scalability.  We are working with select pilot customers for first deployments.  Contact us to deliver the next generation of autonomous vehicle sensor technology.


Unprecedented performance enabled by fundamental inventions in opto-mechanics

Ready to Scale

Our technology draws on high volume processes, and is ready to scale with your volume application.

The Right Price

Performance without sacrificing automotive scalability

Our Vision: A world where automotive accidents and fatalities are nearly unheard of, due to LiDAR enabled advanced driver safety systems and autonomy.

Our Mission: Make that vision a reality, by creating vision systems with the performance and price to become ubiquitous.


Fundamentally New Approaches to Autonomous Driving Technology

We have re-imagined LiDAR laser scanning and are now shipping our novel, fluid stabilized scanner for the automotive markets.

Markets Served

  • Long Range Forward Looking LiDAR
  • Integrated Corner LiDAR
  • Auto Roof Mounted 360 Deg LiDAR
  • Rear and Side Facing LiDAR
  • Welding and Laser Cutting
  • Traffic Control LiDAR
  • Security
  • Aerospace and Air Taxi